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SiberianMeow Chaucer and SiberianMeow Spencer

Everyone who sees them says they are so beautiful and it is love at first sight! They are bringing such joy into our lives. Thank you for letting us have these wonderful boys…

SiberianMeow Becca

…I see her personality- she is super curious about the basement/garage but no so much about outside…yet. Maybe it’s unnecessary.  I don’t know…. Of course, I like the fact that her black-velvet collar has a few rhinestones on it…my chance…

The Union of The Breeders of Aboriginal Siberian Cats

The materials on this page was used by permission of the author Tatiana Vasiljevna Mamedova.
Tatiana Vasiljevna Mamedova is the instructor-felinologist,
She has 10 years of breeding experience.

You can contact her by Email:

SiberianMeow Arielle

FYI we noticed she likes the name Sasha and we think that name suits her perfectly!

SiberianMeow Amber

Just a quick update. Amber is well, happy and growing. She is very comfortable with Bill and I and likes her new home. She spends 50% of her time playing and the other 50% napping…

SiberianMeow Abby

Believe it or not, but our third baby, Abby also found her loving family in SF Bay Area. Unlike her other 2 siblings, she got to keep her given name…would you like to know how she has adapted to her new family? Read their testimonial.

SiberianMeow Aurora

SiberianMeow Aurora also lives in S.F. Bay area. She, too, got a new name, Bella…

SiberianMeow Atos

SiberianMeow Atos now lives in S.F. Bay area. He even got a new name. would you like to know why? Read some testimonials of his parents below…